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Top Social Media Listening Tools in 2022

This is the year 2022, and we’re witnessing a media revolution unfold in front of our eyes. Top TV channels and media tycoons are battling against social media for consumer attention and clinging to thin lifelines for their survival. The news channels, newspapers, and print media are evaporating into thin air. Their digital versions are replacing them, and they are using social media platforms to re-invent themselves in the rapidly changing world.

Given this paradigm shift, marketers need to adapt to the changing realities, and pretty soon, we’ll probably see the days of television ratings gone and replaced by digital media ratings. Sure enough, the world’s innovation capital, San Francisco Bay Area, has been on top of this game and has produced numerous startups to disrupt this domain. 

A whole category of social media listening and management systems is created to analyze the data and help make the marketing data-driven in the digital space. This means that studying the technologies available for social media marketing management is more important because choosing the right tool for the right job is critical for success in the new era. 


So, grab some popcorn with you because now you’re going to read about the top social media listening tools that will help you manage your social media presence and take a data-driven approach for your brand.

What is Social Listening, and why is it needed?

Social media listening monitors the discussions regarding your brand on social media space to engage with potential customers in relevant conversations and formulate a data-driven strategy for marketing the brand in the social area. It helps you monitor vital social metrics like the awareness of your brand and the impact on the target audience. 

This information will help you analyze the effect of any campaigns run to assess the return on investment. The organic discussions surrounding the brand add up to form what is called “earned media.” Evaluating the earned media in the digital space is critical to determining the brand’s popularity or the effectiveness of a campaign. 

In the context mentioned above, top social listening tools assist in providing the metrics for the brand regarding the sentiments of the potential customers, the engagement levels of consumers with the brand’s content, the competitors activities and campaigns, and the relative standing of your brand compared to the competition in the digital space.

Once you are successful in collecting data, you can easily track social media trends and insights. But why do it manually when there are state-of-the-art social media listening tools.

The Best Social Media Listening Tools

Here are the top social listening tools we’ve identified:

BrandEquity - Top Social Media Listening System with Sentiment and Intent Analysis. 2 Months Free Trial

The top-notch social media listening system with maximum accuracy, stands first with an interactive user interface and quick data processing. The core responsibility of BrandEquity is to assist the companies in analyzing relevant data from their social media handles. It covers four core areas: Brand Monitoring, Customer Profiling, Analytics, and Real-time Messaging, turning the users’ experience amazing and increasing their brand awareness while collecting relevant customer feedback. 

Amazingly, it has analytics-driven sentiment analysis, making it a matter of a single click to narrow down to any discussions and engage with potential consumers instantly – thus allowing the brands to stay on top of any relevant discussions. Moreover, the system analyzes the social media data for the underlying intents of consumers and will enable you to add custom intents as well. Thus being able to listen to any conversations in social media space on identified pages. Currently, BrandEquity covers Facebook and Twitter right now, but plans are to cover other platforms too.

BrandEquity provides integration with corporate call centers on demand, thus allowing the professionals equipped with the correct customer data and training to handle any inbound customer queries, whether in comments, tweets, direct messaging, or even on competitors’ pages.


So, what are you waiting for? Give this social media monitor software a try by reaching out to

Awario - Best Social Media monitoring Tool 14 Days Free Trial

Next, we have Awario, known best as a social media listening service provider in the market, listed as the top social listening best practices that highlights your brand’s mentions, competitor analysis, and dedicated keywords. 


Awario is not a new entry in the market but still generates complex and relevant customer queries. It comes with a 14 days trial version, with starting prices of about $29/month, which is not a big deal at all! 

Mention - Best Social Media Monitoring Tool For Performance Tracking

We have another social media monitoring tool, Mention, trained to track social media and create a handy influencer dashboard with all the data analyzed, known as ‘Insight Center,’ where historical data is made available with custom plans only.

Brandwatch - Best Social Media Monitoring Tool with Social Listening

Brandwatch is one of the top social media listening tools offering three different products: ‘ Analytics,’ ‘Vizia,’ and ‘Audiences’ with other functionalities and features to better understand customers’ insights over social media platforms. 


It is easy to customize and has access to API with various integrations like Salesforce, Google Analytics, etc. 

GoogleAlerts - Premium Social Media monitoring Tool For Web Projects

Next, we have Google Alerts, which focuses on web social media listening but tracks the discussion, news, and videos with relevant results. You are enabled with turning the alerts weekly and monthly as per your feasibility.


And you know what? This unique social media listening tool is available for free, covering the web, news, blogs, videos, and panel discussions.

Talkwalker - Best Social Media monitoring Tool With Analytic Reports

Let’s talk about reputation management in the agencies. Talkwalker is the best possible option, which comes with a primary goal of performing analytics over your social media platforms and maintaining real-time analytics of texts, videos, and the comments created by the audiences.

It covers flicker, foursquare, SoundCloud, Twitch, Pinterest, with a basic plan of about 9,600 every year.

Reputology - Best Social Media Monitoring Tool with Feedbacks Analytics

Do you know what’s more important when it comes to maintaining the reputation of the brand? Of course, the content posted over social media and the feedback you attain from the customers. Reputology is the best in tracking social media accounts, getting a holistic view of business, and monitoring Facebook, Google, and other social media platforms.


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We have another social media monitoring tool, Mention, trained to track social media and create a handy influencer dashboard with all the data analyzed, known as ‘Insight Center,’ where historical data is made available with custom plans only.