Empowering customers to deploy
data-driven marketing strategies

Brand Health

BrandEquity.ai helps you make informed business decisions for your social media management needs. Our proprietary tool also aids you by integrating your offline customer care with online management system so you can manage responses in real-time.

Brand Health Monitoring
Group 1

1. Sentiment Analysis

Helps you stay attuned to your customers’ sentiment. Maintain responsiveness to their needs; what engages them and what drives them away from your brand.

2. Intent Analysis

Deep dive into the conversation themes that surround your brand and get insight into your customer’s qualitative intent.

Intent Analysis

3. Automated Competition

With automated competition monitoring, it allows you to stay up to the mark in a highly competitive social media domain.   

4. Search Enabled

Keeps you aligned with all the collected data with a deep search feature integrated throughout the system.

Group 1