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Brand Monitoring

Customer Profiling

Real Time Messaging


Brand Monitoring

Intelligent analysis is the core value provided by the Social media interaction are analyzed with the keywords and hashtags on brand, competitors pages to provide in depth data on sentiments and intents of interactions.

  • Sentiment Analysis of public social media interactions
  • Intent Analysis
  • Keywords and Hashtag monitoring (earned media)
  • Third party pages
  • Search

Real Time Messaging provides a feature for its customers to interact in real time with their audience on different platforms. BrandEquity is integrated with the customer care and response department to connect customer care representatives with the social media audience.


  • FB Messenger to Contact Center integration
  • FB posts and comments responses from Contact Center
  • Avaya integration


  • Twitter Messenger to Contact Center integration
  • Tweet responses from Contact Center
  • Avaya integration

Enterprise-wide teamwork

  • Assign comments or posts for response
  • Assign customers
  • Assign Direct Messages

Customer Profiling creates a detailed audience profiling with the detailed historical data of audience interaction and makes it available to you for further analysis and reference.

  • Know your customer
  • Customer interaction history
  • Customer sentiments
  • Customer search


Our in-depth intelligent analysis service generates meaningful and in depth reports for your brand’s perception. Audience Sentiment and Intent Analysis along with audience engagement and turn around time gives you what you need for real time response.

  • Customer Sentiments
  • Intents
  • Customer social media engagement
  • Turnaround time
  • Hashtag leaderboard
  • Keyword leaderboard
  • Department Leaderboard

About Us

Visionary Innovations Corporation (formerly SOCOL Corp) is a technology firm based in California, USA. With 50+ satisfied customers around the globe, We aim to help customers in their Digital Transformation journey and enable them with the latest technology-based solutions to enhance their efficiency and productivity.

Our technical expertise includes Web Development, Android Development, iOS Development, System Integration, Data Migration, and Cloud Deployment. We have experience in serving a diversified set of industries like Financial Services, Social Services, Insurance, Auto Industry, builders and developers, SMEs, the Health Sector, and the Education Sector.

Visionary Innovations Corporation specializes in Social and FinTech domains. We have won two prestigious awards and also got selected in the Top 100 companies around the world in Startup Istanbul 2020.

Our solution portfolio includes technologies in Social, FinTech, Management Information Systems, Ed-Tech, E-Commerce, Cloud computing, and Healthcare domains.

Millions of people already benefited from Visionary Innovations Corporation has proven technology and solutions. Our team, with a background experience in Microsoft HQ, Salesforce HQ, Vmware, Oracle, and Microsoft continues to strive, innovate and evolve in order to meet the future needs of society, provide a better and prosperous future for all and make the world a better place.


About Brand Equity

Social media over a period of time has changed the way audiences interact with the organizations and their product and services. Audience now can share or ask immediate feedback and queries. A question about the offering, a comment based on their experience, engagement with the post, response on campaigns and offering and tracking of competitors activity are becoming increasing value for the organizations. is your solution to engage with the audience and get the best value. With real time monitoring of your brand we integrate social media with customer care to provide real time response to the customer. provides you with the option to respond or to take action on posts that are going viral and its cutting edge analytical intelligence keeps track of how audiences are interacting with the organization’s content, products or services.


  • Viral posts crises
  • Missed customer engagement
  • Determining social media campaigns roi
  • Competitor activities
  • Real-time customer communication
  • Track earned & paid media


  • Social media brand monitoring
  • Integrating social media with customer care
  • Real time response
  • Near real-time action on posts going viral
  • Cutting edge analytics to keep track of social campaign roi


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